Commercial FAA Drone Regulations

FAA Drone Regulations

Is your drone company fully FAA compliant?

Unfortunately there is a common misunderstanding regarding the FAA 333 exemption.  Making the wrong choice of your drone company will leave you without insurance coverage in the event of an accident.

Here is a checklist to help  protect you:

Step 1

Verify your drone company has an FAA exemption.

Make sure company has a FAA exemption, visit:

Step 2

Verify operation type/mission of exemption.

Type in company name in the search and the company will come up. Make sure there Operational/Mission Abilities cover your Production. Clicking on the View PDF link which will pull up the their exemption.

Step 3

Verify Approved Aircraft

After opening up their exemption, make sure that they are using an aircraft that the FAA has approved them to use. Under Conditions and Limitations (normally on the 3rd page) number one lists the approved aircraft the company may use.

Approved Aircraft New

Step 4

Verify Licensed Pilot

Make sure that the person who is flying is a licensed FAA Pilot.

Step 5

Obtain Aircraft N-Number

Ensure that the aircraft is registered.  N-Number markings will be visible on the unit.

Step 6

Verify Aircraft N-Number

You can verify the (N-Number) by entering it into the FAA registry:

 Note: There may be variations between the model name that appears on the N-number registration compared to the approved aircraft (Step 3).

A closed set approval allows us to do more compared to a standard exemption.